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Sermon Illustrations about Hear

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Hear to help bring your sermon to life.

Do They Hear You or God?

There's nothing quite as devastating as when someone says, "As I listen to you preach, God does not speak through you."

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Patience Helps Recovery

By listening patiently, you communicate that you see time as an ally of progress, not as an enemy that must be defeated by pushing for quick recovery.

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If You Listen, They Will Come

Those who listen with eyes, face, and heart, as well as mind, never lack people who will beat a path to their ears.

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Listen Slowly

In his book Stress Fractures, Charles Swindoll writes:

I vividly remember some time back being caught in the undertow of too many commitments in too few ...

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God Is Just One Squeal Away

[(Psalms 95:6-7)] always sends me back to the family farm. We raised pigs. We raised about a thousand pigs a year. In one field we had two or three hundred ...

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Learning Through Prayer

I have often learned much more in one prayer than I have been able to glean from much reading and reflection.

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God Speaks All the Time

God speaks to us not only once in a while, but always.

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God's Answers Are Deep

God always answers us in the deeps, never in the shallows of our soul.

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When the Warning Light Flashes

If we think we hear something from God that is already a heartfelt yearning of our own, a warning light should flash: This needs extra verification!

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The Art of Listening

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.

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