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Sermon Illustrations about Hear

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Hear to help bring your sermon to life.

Preacher's Rifle Shot Goes in One Ear and Out the Other

Three friends decided to go deer hunting together: a lawyer, a doctor, and a preacher. As they were walking, along came a big buck. The three of them ...

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Sometimes God Shouts

God whispers to us in our well-being; he shouts to us in our suffering.

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Do They Hear You or God?

There's nothing quite as devastating as when someone says, "As I listen to you preach, God does not speak through you."

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Patience Helps Recovery

By listening patiently, you communicate that you see time as an ally of progress, not as an enemy that must be defeated by pushing for quick recovery.

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If You Listen, They Will Come

Those who listen with eyes, face, and heart, as well as mind, never lack people who will beat a path to their ears.

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Listen Slowly

In his book Stress Fractures, Charles Swindoll writes:

I vividly remember some time back being caught in the undertow of too many commitments in too few ...

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God Is Just One Squeal Away

[(Psalms 95:6-7)] always sends me back to the family farm. We raised pigs. We raised about a thousand pigs a year. In one field we had two or three hundred ...

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Learning Through Prayer

I have often learned much more in one prayer than I have been able to glean from much reading and reflection.

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God Speaks All the Time

God speaks to us not only once in a while, but always.

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God's Answers Are Deep

God always answers us in the deeps, never in the shallows of our soul.

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