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Sermon Illustrations about Headship

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Headship to help bring your sermon to life.

What Men Have to Give to Make Families Work

Sociologist Maggie Gallagher writes:

The reality of family life is that men have to really give quite a lot to women and to children in order to make ...

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CEO Understood Authority

Sam Bronfman, the late CEO of the Seagram Company, entered a crowded conference room and, anxious to get on with the meeting, plopped into the nearest ...

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"My Big Fat Greek Wedding": A Wife's Influence

Maria Portokalos assures her daughter, Toula, that she can change her husband's mind about allowing Toula to go to college and leave the family business: ...

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How Sin Ruined Marriage Harmony

"[W]hen sin entered the world it ruined the harmony of marriage NOT because it brought headship and submission into existence, but because it twisted ...

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Survey Shows Confusion on Gender Roles

A 2002 gender survey conducted by Christianity Today International's research department shows that most CT subscribers are unsure what the Bible really ...

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Boss of the House

One evening my husband, Mark, and our preschooler, Krystal, were on the couch chatting. "Daddy, you're the boss of the house, right?" I ...

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