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Sermon Illustrations about Growing in Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Growing in Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

Brick into Marble

It was claimed for Augustus Caesar that he found Rome a city of brick, and left it a city of marble. The pastor who succeeds in changing his people from ...

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When Lives Don't Change

What a deal there is of going to meetings and getting blessed, and then going away and living just the same, until sometimes we, who are constantly engaged ...

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Diseases that Heal the Soul

God is often (in some sense) nearer to us, and more effectually present with us, in sickness than in health. ... He often sends diseases of the body to ...

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Recognizing Grace

The work of spirituality is to recognize where we are--the particular circumstances of our lives--to recognize grace and say, "Do you suppose God ...

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Good from the Fire

No trouble seems pleasant at the time. Yet in God's economy, it is this pain which brings forth new faith. How often we hear, "I thank God for ...

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