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Sermon Illustrations about Goodness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Goodness to help bring your sermon to life.

Mayo Clinic Resulted from a Tornado

Over 100 years ago, a tornado struck the prairies of Minnesota. Many were killed, hundreds were injured, and one small town was almost demolished. In ...

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Freud Described Most Humans as Trash

I have found little that is "good" about human beings on the whole. In my experience most of them are trash, no matter whether they publicly subscribe ...

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Fishermen Rewarded for Catching Lost Purse

Arlene Sulkes-Spieler lost her purse in an unusual way. In August 2004, Arlene was on vacation, enjoying a whale-watching tour off the coast of Cape Cod. ...

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Doorman Honored for Service

You've probably never heard of Wilbert Williams. He's not famous or rich. Still, Williams received an honor normally reserved for the connected, powerful, ...

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Physician Describes the Frustrations of Compassion

For decades, Christian physician David Hilfiker has led a medical ministry in Washington, D.C.'s inner city. He writes:

Perhaps the deepest pain involved ...

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"Man on Fire": A Lost Sheep

Man on Fire is the true story of Creasy (Denzel Washington), a burned-out, ex-CIA operative and assassin who has given up on life. He is invited by his ...

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"Win a Date with Tad Hamilton": Finding a Good Influence

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton is a romantic comedy set in the rural town of Frazier's Bottom, West Virginia. Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel) is a Hollywood ...

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Terminally Ill Boy Puts Others First

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has been granting the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses since 1980. Most commonly, children wish to meet a ...

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Businessman's Life Goal Is to Give Away His Fortune

At 84, Tom White has almost achieved his life's goal—to give away his entire fortune. White is a Boston businessman who has given away $75 million. When ...

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"Secondhand Lions": Does Truth Matter?

At the heart of the movie Secondhand Lions, is a scene that teaches an idea about beliefs and truth that sounds good but is a far cry from what the Bible ...

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