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Sermon Illustrations about Goodness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Goodness to help bring your sermon to life.

Scientists Discover 'Treasure' in 'Junk DNA'

Thousands of years ago the Bible declared that every human being is "fearfully and wonderfully made." Now modern science is finally realizing the fear ...

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Beautiful and Cracked Vases Teach about Self-esteem

Editor's Note: The following illustration could be used as a simple but powerful object lesson. Discount or thrift stores usually carry plenty of cheap ...

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Video Technology Shows the Marvel of Fetal Development

Alexander Tsiaras, a mathematician and visual artist, uses special visualization software to explore the unseen human body. In a 2010 TED.com lecture, ...

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U.S. Agencies Try to Place a Value on Human Life

A 2011 New York Times article states that the U.S. government has been grappling with a difficult question: what is the value of a human life? Or to be ...

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Chuck Colson Explores the Basis for Our Good Deeds

In his article titled "The Problem of Goodness," Chuck Colson notes that at particular times (like the Christmas season) good deeds seem to flourish. ...

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Billboard Asks “Are You Good Without God?”

In 2009, a new billboard in downtown Chicago got everyone's attention, stirring some controversy. In big letters it asked: "Are you good without God? ...

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Demonstrating the Excellencies of Jesus

Every day there are opportunities for each of us to reach out to others to demonstrate the excellencies of Jesus. There are family members, colleagues ...

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The Uplifting, Stirring Nature of Belief

Here's a little experiment: start a sentence with the words "I believe…," and then finish it with something deeply heartfelt. It is impossible to do without ...

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Director James Toback and Boxer Mike Tyson on Human Goodness

I recently read an article about 2009's Tyson, a documentary about the life of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Tyson is remembered for being one ...

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"ER": The Value of Life

From 1993–2009, ER was a popular television series on NBC about the lives of emergency room doctors and nurses. In this scene from the medical drama's ...

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