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Sermon Illustrations about Good Samaritan

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Good Samaritan to help bring your sermon to life.

A Brother's Sacrifice

John and Mary Ellen Patterson had four children. Two of the children, John Jr. and Laura, were perfectly healthy. The other two children, Elizabeth and ...

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Hospital's Palestinian Christian Janitor Tries to Save Dying Israeli Soldier

In his book Jesus, the Middle-Eastern Storyteller, Gary M. Burge, Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, shares a story told to him by a theology ...

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Man Finally Gets to Thank Police Sergeant

Alfred Edmond was stuck in Overland Park, Kansas. His motorcycle had run out of gas, and Edmond had run out of money after a long trip from Las Cruces, ...

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Who Is My Neighbor?

Years ago I flew to Minneapolis to give a speech at a conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Near downtown Minneapolis, my taxi was stopped ...

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A Lesson from the Good Samaritan

When our son, Tory, was just a small boy, we were coming home from Sunday school and church, and I asked him what he had learned that morning. He told ...

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Caring for the Needs of Others

People in our culture take notice when we care for the needs of others.

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Rush Yarnell: Real Life Samaritan

Concentrating on rush hour traffic, Rush Yarnell just happened to glance in his rearview mirror and see the small boy collapse onto the snow-covered sidewalk. ...

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