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Sermon Illustrations about Godlessness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Godlessness to help bring your sermon to life.

In Wake of 2011 London Riots, Rabbi Decries Our Moral Collapse

In the wake of the 2011 London riots, which included days of uncontrollable looting and violence, Great Britain's chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks decried the ...

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Father Confronts Indecency at the Mall

Christian author and speaker Dennis Rainey recounts a story of visiting a clothing store with his 13-year-old daughter. While he was waiting inside the ...

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Dockers Ad Challenges Men to Act Like Men

As of June 2011 Levi-Strauss was still running their provocative ad campaign that targets men for a line of Dockers pants. The following script for the ...

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Ricky Gervais, Actor & Comedian, on Why He’s an Atheist

I used to believe in God. The Christian one that is. I loved Jesus. He was my hero.

[But later on] I was sitting at the kitchen table when my brother came ...

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Disney Community Rocked by a Murder and a Suicide

It was supposed to be the "perfect" town. After all, it was planned by Disney itself. The town of Celebration, Florida, a 16-acre utopian community ...

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Frederick Buechner Reflects on the Magi and Herod

In a playful lexicon of religious terms entitled Peculiar Treasures, author Frederick Buechner captures well the interesting interplay of the stories ...

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Einstein on Human Depravity

The real problem is in the hearts and minds of men. It is not a problem of physics but of ethics. It is easier to denature plutonium than to denounce ...

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Gradual Secularization

Unlike Israel's exile, our process of secularization is not clearly marked by a hostile takeover. We are losing the land by way of a thousand little ...

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Philosopher Envisions Godless Society as Ideal

In its ideal form, the culture of liberalism would be one that was enlightened, secular, through and through. It would be one in which no trace of divinity ...

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Influential Scientist Believes World Is an Idiot's Tale

Scientist and skeptic Richard Dawkins, in his book River Out of Eden, explains: "The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect ...

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