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Sermon Illustrations about God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on God to help bring your sermon to life.

The God of Enthusiasm

God dwells in a state of perpetual enthusiasm. He is delighted with all that is good and lovingly concerned about all that is wrong. He pursues His labors ...

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A Day of Prayer

A day of prayer should answer two questions: "Who are you, Lord?" and "What shall I do?"

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Adhering to God

Virtue is that by which man seeks continuously for his Maker and when he finds him, adheres to him with all his might.

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The Sinner's Loss

Those who would avoid the despair of their sinfulness by staying far from God find they have also missed the forgiving grace of God.

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The Christian View of God

In Greek literature, Virgil wrote about the plight of humanity and how something new needed to be done to help man out of his predicament. In Greek thought, ...

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Remembering What God Feels Like

In Executive Edge newsletter, management-consultant Ken Blanchard retells the story of a little girl named Schia (which first appeared in a book titled ...

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Forces for Good

In reading the Scriptures I find a great moral power. Therein am I made aware of two great forces for good in human experience: the "fear" of ...

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A God Untamed by Us

It is curious to realize that people like you and me, who set such store by being settled and secure, should worship a God whose revelation was to nomads ...

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Sleepwalking to Worship

I believe a very large majority of churchgoers are merely unthinking, slumbering worshipers of an unknown God.

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