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Sermon Illustrations about God, Supremacy of

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on God, Supremacy of to help bring your sermon to life.

The Neglected Name of God

In his book, Chuck Bentley writes:

There's a name for God that we seldom ever use. I know I don't use it very often. That name is Jealous. Sounds ...

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Why Do So Many Egyptian Statues Have Broken Noses?

Here’s the most common question from visitors to Brooklyn Museum's Egyptian art galleries: Why are the statues’ noses broken?

Edward Bleiberg, ...

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Christianity and Humanism

During construction of Emerson Hall at Harvard University, president Charles Eliot invited psychologist and philosopher William James to suggest a suitable ...

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Inconvenient Rapture?

[Our] striving after wind is motivated by a sinister desire to be independent of God, free from the frightening vulnerability of His watch-care. If we ...

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