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Sermon Illustrations about God, holiness of

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on God, holiness of to help bring your sermon to life.

"The Wizard of Oz": Wrong Idea of Majesty

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man arrive at the legendary Emerald City to meet with the Wizard. The Wizard is reputed ...

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Satan's Two Big Lies

There are two big lies that Satan has been perpetrating ever since the Garden of Eden. The first is that God is mean, vindictive, a spoilsport whose main ...

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Frightening Zeal

David McCullough in his book Mornings on Horseback tells this story about young Teddy Roosevelt:

"Mittie (his mother) had found he was so afraid of ...

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No Common Voice

I can just come to imagine for myself that a man of more or less my own biological and social composition could have written Hamlet or Lear and gone home ...

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Composer and Score

An awe for the composer, God, is necessary before a pastor can fully understand his score, the Bible.

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