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Sermon Illustrations about Global missions

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Global missions to help bring your sermon to life.

Is the Bible Available to Everyone?

According to American Bible's Society Annual State of the Bible Survey (for 2015), in the United States 88 percent of American households have access ...

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Willing to Lay Down Their Lives for Mars Trip

The non-profit organization Mars One has set the lofty goal of establishing a human colony on Mars by 2027. They plan to send four pioneers as a test ...

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'Secular' Columnist Praises Work of Missionary

Nicholas Kristof, an op-ed columnist for The New York Times wrote a column in March 2015 entitled, "A Little Respect for Dr. Foster." Kristof makes clear ...

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Survey of Religious Beliefs Around the Globe

A 2015 poll based on the religious beliefs of nearly 64,000 people from 65 countries found some surprising results on the need for global evangelism and ...

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Phillip Yancey Reflects on Missionary Work in South Korea

Phillip Yancey recently toured the Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery, built to honor 145 missionaries in South Korea. All of the missionaries died ...

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Two Brothers Give Their Lives to Bring the Gospel

Benjamin Kwashi, a Christian leader from Jos, Nigeria, tells the following story of how the gospel came to his part of the country:

Missionaries came to ...

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Doctor Killed in Afghanistan Had Already Died in Christ

In 1967, a student named Libby attended with her boyfriend, Tom. During the final commitment evening, both submitted their lives to the Lord. For 30 years, ...

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Christian Missions' Human Rights Advocates

Many people still have the misconception that most Christian missionaries were like Nathan Price, the mean-spirited patriarch in Barbara Kingsolver's ...

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A Native American Prophecy of Christmas

In 1740 the Skitswish, a small Native American tribe in northern Idaho, had a prophet/chief named Circling Raven of whom it was said he could communicate ...

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Evangelism and Social Justice Should Both Get Our Attention

Editor's Note: Andy Crouch sets up the quote below with these two sentences: "These days I do not often meet Christians so passionate about evangelism ...

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