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Sermon Illustrations about Gift of Righteousness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Gift of Righteousness to help bring your sermon to life.

Air Purifiers Can Pollute Houses

In May of 2006, the Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association published a study conducted by the National Science Foundation on the side effects ...

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Surgeon Gives His Own Blood to Patient

Dr. Samuel Weinstein is the chief of pediatric cardio-thoracic surgery for the Children's Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, New ...

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Condemned Drunk Becomes Disciple and Friend

I am going to share a confession with you, and it is something that I have never been proud of. When I graduated from seminary, I became the pastor of ...

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Sacrifice Saves the Life of Orphaned Lamb

If you go over to Scotland, or anywhere there are lots of sheep, sooner or later you're going to see a very unusual sight. You'll see a little ...

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Boasting in God

Ramon Piaguaje, a Secoya Indian born and raised in the rain forest of Ecuador, won the Winsor & Newton Millennium Art Competition, the largest painting ...

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Gifts Can Be Difficult to Accept

Reader's Digest wrote of the late Harvey Penick: "For 90-year-old golf pro Harvey Penick, success has come late. His first golf book, Harvey ...

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The Gift of a Relationship

In Jesus' righteousness the unrighteous are granted, as a gift, relationship with God: a free gift. Mercy took a human face.

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Grace Beyond Measure

Who can estimate the value of God's gift, when He gave to the world His only begotten Son? It is something unspeakable and incomprehensible. It passes ...

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