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Sermon Illustrations about Funerals

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Funerals to help bring your sermon to life.

Creator of "Six Feet Under" Talks About Death

Alan Ball, who created the HBO television series Six Feet Under, is no stranger to death. He says, "When I was growing up, a lot of people in my family ...

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Funeral Plans Become Explosive and Elaborate

More and more people want to end life with a bang.

Gordon Bergin was an ordained minister whose funeral arrangements were part of an Independence Day celebration. ...

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Grieving Son Comforted by One Who Understood His Pain

When I was in high school my father passed away rather suddenly. It was just two days before my high school graduation. At that time in my life I was ...

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Death without Hope

Philip Yancey describes a unique funeral custom conducted by African Muslims. Close family and friends circle the casket and quietly gaze at the corpse. ...

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Town Forbids Dying, Fails

The town of Le Lavandou on the French Riviera recently passed a law barring any more burials in the town cemetery. It's full. The law says, "It ...

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Avoiding the Truck of Death

Donald Grey Barnhouse was driving his children to the funeral of their mother. A semitractor trailer truck crossed in front of them at an intersection, ...

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Comforted by Their Presence

Ray and Judy Williamson's son, David, was killed in a fall at Red River Gorge several weeks ago. Speaking later, Ray said, "I used to wonder ...

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Heavenly Father Knows Best

The Lord has certainly inflicted a bitter wound in the death of our infant son. ... But He is Himself a father and knows what is good for his children. ...

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Emotional Distance

Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved.

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Many Faces of Grief

Author Edgar Jackson poignantly describes grief:

Grief is a young widow trying to raise her three children, alone. Grief is the man so filled with shocked ...

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