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Sermon Illustrations about Fullness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Fullness to help bring your sermon to life.

Billionaire Tweets About His Emptiness

In 2014, software giant Microsoft paid $2.5 billion to acquire Mojang AB, the Swedish company that created the worldwide gaming sensation Minecraft. The ...

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Bus Driver Conveys Christ's Love

There was a front-page article in the San Francisco Chronicle about a metro-transit operator named Linda Wilson-Allen. She loves the people who ride her ...

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Broken People Praying to a Broken Buddha

Pastor/author J.R. Vassar writes about ministering in Myanmar (Burma) and coming upon a broken Buddha:

One day we were prayer walking through a large Buddhist ...

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Bob Dylan Reflects on the Nature of Happiness

In an interview in AARP magazine, singer and poet Bob Dylan talked about his new music, life on the road, and true happiness. Towards the end of the interview ...

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Actress Admits Her Greatest Fear—Boredom

In a recent (2014) Rolling Stone interview, actress and comedienne Melissa McCarthy confesses that since childhood she's had a recurring nightmare. In ...

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N.Y. Designer Had It All but Commits Suicide

An article in The New York Post ran the following story about the 49-year-old designer, L'Wren Scott, who shocked New York City by committing suicide:

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The Feminine Mystique Asks, "Is This All?"

Editor's Note: Like this illustration, sometimes a good sermon illustration raises a challenging issue or question that the sermon must address.

The 1963 ...

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Atheism Is Impossible; Everybody Worships

Everybody has to live for something, but Jesus argues that if that thing is not him, it will fail you. It will enslave you …. Nobody put this better ...

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Former North Korean Prisoner Talks about Happiness

According to Amnesty International, North Korea has a vast network of gulags that imprison over 200,000 people. The most feared camp is known as "Total ...

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Married Couple Make a Mutual Discovery: "You Can't Satisfy Me"

In his book Fill These Hearts, Christopher West describes a surprising and simple discovery that changed his marriage:

Years ago [my wife] and I were out ...

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