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Sermon Illustrations about Forgetfulness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Forgetfulness to help bring your sermon to life.

Alan Alda Says "Never Stuff Your Dog"

Television and movie actor Alan Alda wrote a book titled Never Have Your Dog Stuffed. In an interview, he explained the significance of the title:

I was ...

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Pickler Finds Satisfaction in the Process

Rick Field is a 41-year-old bachelor, with degrees from Andover and Yale, who has decided to spend his life making pickles. The career change came after ...

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Baby Shielded from Harm

First-time father Michael Bryson was not about to let his wife's first real Mother's Day pass unnoticed. He wrapped up his six-month-old son, Jason, plunked ...

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Remember Who You Are

On May 28, 1972, the Duke of Windsor, the uncrowned King Edward VIII, died in Paris. On the same evening, a television program recounted the main events ...

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Always Advent

The best way to prepare for the coming of Christ is never to forget the presence of Christ.

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Memory's the First to Go

Two elderly women in my church were discussing the problems of growing older.

One commented, "The worst thing is when your memory starts to go. I've ...

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Forgiveness Can Be a Reminder of Sin

A woman came to me one time who had done something maybe fifteen years before that was pretty bad. Her husband told her, "I want you to know I forgive ...

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Forgetting the Point of It All

Max De Pree tells a wonderful story, and he swears that it's true, about those wonderful tomato growers in central California. More successful at ...

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Moving On

The past is a dead issue and we can't gain any momentum moving toward tomorrow if were dragging the past behind us.

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The Cause of a Clear Conscience

Many people have their bad memory to thank for their clear conscience.

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