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Sermon Illustrations about Forbearance

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Forbearance to help bring your sermon to life.

John Perkins Gives Racist a Bag of Blueberries

The book Welcoming Justice was co-authored by Charles Marsh, a younger white professor, and John Perkins, an older black Christian leader. On the first ...

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Sir Edmund Hilary Demonstrates Humility

In his book Humilitas, pastor John Dickson illustrates the beauty of humility in the life of Sir Edmund Hillary. In 1953 Hillary conquered Mount Everest ...

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A Manager Turns a Mistake into a Lesson on Kindness

The famous and luxurious Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina, was originally owned and managed by George and Edith Vanderbilt, an elegant couple ...

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Dealing with Conflict After 60 Years of Marriage

In a 2011 Leadership Journal article, Gordon MacDonald shares the moving story about his friends Dr. Paul and Edith Rees. When the Rees's were in ...

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Beta Christians

When a new website launches, or when a website launches a new feature, they commonly go public for a period of time as what is called a "beta" ...

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A Powerful Story of Forgiveness from South Africa

Desmond Tutu is a bishop in South Africa who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work against apartheid. In his book No Future Without Forgiveness, he shares ...

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Dealing with the Cow-pie-ridden Fields of Marriage

In his book This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence, pastor and author John Piper offers a memorable analogy for dealing with the highs and lows ...

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Man Chooses to Forgive Fellow Minister

Kevin Harney writes in “Leadership from the Inside Out:”

One of my most painful leadership lessons came shortly after I graduated from seminary ...

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Seeing the Father's Image

Max Lucado writes about a big, muscle-bound man named Daniel who was swindled by his own brother. He vowed that if he ever saw him again, he would break ...

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Eating the Seed

When Beth Moore and her husband, Keith, spent time in war-torn Angola to draw attention to tens of thousands of malnourished people, they were changed ...

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