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Sermon Illustrations about Final Judgment

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Final Judgment to help bring your sermon to life.

Jack Welch Answers His "Toughest Question"

During an edition of the news program 60 Minutes, Dan Rather interviewed Jack Welch, the outspoken former CEO of General Electric. At the end of the interview, ...

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Courtney Love Must Stand in Line

Rock star Courtney Love isn't used to waiting in line. She's used to the fame that came with her marriage to mega-star Curt Cobaine of the rock band Nirvana. ...

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Rodin Was Thinking About Hell

A friend encouraged author Neil Cole to tour the Rodin museum while in France. Reflecting on Rodin's most famous work, Cole writes,

Rodin was a French ...

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Facing God's Court Should Be Our Biggest Concern

Hanging out at a bagel shop one day I asked a couple of non-Christian friends, "What's the most important thing I can pray for you?"

The woman was taken ...

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Saddam Refuses to Repent

Soon after Saddam Hussein's capture—out of an eight-foot hole that one observer said was filled with rats and mice—he was flown to a secret ...

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Escaped Prisoner Meets Judge

Ben Rogozensky was already in big trouble. He was waiting with his lawyer for a court hearing in an empty room at the DeKalb County Courthouse near Atlanta. ...

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Near-Death Experiences and Hell

I came across a book written by a cardiologist at the University of Tennessee that corroborates an important aspect of the biblical message. In the course ...

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Rome's Fire Foreshadows Judgment

Fire is often used as a symbol of God's judgment in the Bible. And for good reason. The ancient world understood fire as a terrible destructive force. ...

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Mobster John Gotti Can't Escape Judgment

They used to call him "Dapper Don," for his $2,000 suits, and "Teflon Don," because the prosecutors couldn't get a conviction. But no one is teflon, not ...

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Muhammad Ali Expects Judgment by Works

In a Reader's Digest interview, Muhammad Ali states: "One day we're all going to die, and God is going to judge us—[our] good deeds and bad deeds. If ...

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