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Sermon Illustrations about Fighting

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Fighting to help bring your sermon to life.

Our Role as Peacemakers

In his book Sermon on the Mount: A Foundation for Understanding, author and professor Robert A. Guelich writes of the role Christ-followers play as peacemakers: ...

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Anger in America

In his 2007 article "All the Rage," Andrew Santella observes that anger is a prominent emotion in American life. Our politics is dominated by ...

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Ambassadors as Image Bearers

An ambassador is the official representative of her government; in a sense she bears the image of her nation. Now imagine that a foreign government seizes ...

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Kids Peacefully Demand Menu Change

After reading the children's book Frindel—which tells the story of a little boy organizing a boycott of the school cafeteria—students ...

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Father Refuses to Allow Daughter to Come Home

Jamie Bartlet writes in an article in Marriage Partnership:

My husband, Mike, and I had been married only a few months. We'd just had one of our first ...

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Advice for Handling Criticism

In his book Confessions of a Pastor, Craig Groeschel offers some advice on how to handle critics:

It's a fact that "hurt people hurt people." ...

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Confronting the Addiction of Harmful Words

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, author of Words That Hurt, Words That Heal, has lectured throughout this country on the powerful, and often negative, impact of ...

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Tasmanian Devils Spread Cancer with Their Mouths

Australian scientists discovered the cause of a mysterious disease that had killed thousands of Tasmanian Devils on the island state of Tasmania. The ...

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Marital Stress Inhibits Healing

Researchers at Ohio State University showed that marital arguments can have a significant effect on the physical health of each spouse.

The study looked ...

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Man Mourns His Predecessor's Death

The story is told of a man who visited a cemetery to leave flowers at the grave of his dearly departed mother. He couldn't help but notice that, a few ...

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