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Sermon Illustrations about Female

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Female to help bring your sermon to life.

Book Decries an Increase in Aborting Girls

Since the late 1970s, 163 million (or roughly half the current U.S. population) female babies from around the world have been aborted by parents seeking ...

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New York City Official Underestimates the Impact of Gender

In January of 2007, the New York City Board of Health unexpectedly withdrew a proposal to allow city residents to change the sex on their birth certificates ...

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Fashion Designer Prada Experiments with Modesty

When asked about the conservative tone of the 2006 fall collections fashion show in Paris, world-famous designer Miuccia Prada replied: "The super-exposure ...

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"Everybody Loves Raymond": No!

The popular family sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond follows the life of sports-writer Ray Barone (Ray Romano), his wife, Debra, and their extended family. ...

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Male and Female Prerogatives

I'd hate to think decision making was a male prerogative, or that sensitivity and nurturing were strictly for females.

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