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Sermon Illustrations about Feelings

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Feelings to help bring your sermon to life.

Man Auctions a Mother's Touch

Citizen, a publication from Focus on the Family, reported the online auction of a "mother's touch."

Dan Baber honored his mother by posting ...

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Husband Seeks Attention in a Harmful Way

Dave Goetz writes in "Marital Drift”:

Recently, Jana and I weathered one of the most stressful weeks in our marriage. I'd spent the previous ...

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Bubbles Help Scuba Diver Out of Darkness

I have never been scuba diving, but I'm told that it's a blast. Strapping on those life tanks and exploring the water world below sounds like ...

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Humanitarian Aid Changes Muslim Minds

According to a poll conducted in January 2006 by the Terror Free Tomorrow organization, humanitarian aid is a very effective way to improve how Muslim ...

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"The Magician's Nephew": Spiritual Blindness

Jesus is clear that it is dangerous to close one's ears, eyes, and heart to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. In The Magician's Nephew, a novel ...

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Man's Reaction Misinterpreted as Criticism

I showed up at the house of a friend and rang the doorbell. I was supposed to bring some chairs. He opened the door and said, "Ron, where are the ...

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Brennan Manning on What Makes Us Happy or Sad

Christian author Brennan Manning calls us to examine the cause of our emotions:

To ascertain where you really are with the Lord, recall what saddened you ...

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Creator of "Six Feet Under" Talks About Death

Alan Ball, who created the HBO television series Six Feet Under, is no stranger to death. He says, "When I was growing up, a lot of people in my family ...

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Hemingway Defines Morality

What is moral is what you feel good after, and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.

—Novelist Ernest Hemingway (1899—1961)

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Marketers Target High Expectations of Americans

Bill Bryson writes of a lecture on marketing he once heard contrasting how products were sold in Britain and the United States.

The gist of the program ...

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