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Sermon Illustrations about Feelings

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Feelings to help bring your sermon to life.

Murder Follows Deception

In 1992 a sophomore at Simon's Rock College in western Massachusetts named Wayne Lo went on a killing rampage with a semiautomatic rifle. He killed ...

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The Path to Sexual Sin

A common path to sexual sin is the notion that feelings are not only all-important but also totally uncontrollable; they just happen to you.

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Beyond Feelings

Feeling better has become more important to us than finding God.

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A Problem with Happiness

If your happiness (or health) depends on what somebody else says (or does), I guess you do have a problem.

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The Real Source of Happiness

Occasionally on the news, they will have an expose of the happiness industry. These are people who, for a fee, of course, will help you be happy. For ...

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Why We Suffer

The body poorly protects what it does not feel. In the spiritual Body, also, loss of feeling inevitably leads to atrophy and inner deterioration. So much ...

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In Search of the Thinking Christian

The church can't be blamed for all the ailments of the world. On the other hand, I'm quite willing to concede and insist that the church has unnecessarily ...

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Beyond "Experience"

The current phrase "worship experience" merely serves to confuse us. Those who worship with the expectation that the act ought to generate certain ...

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Faith Beyond Reason

Faith must never be counter to reason; yet it must always go beyond reason, for the nature of man is more than rationalism. Faith is emotion as well as ...

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Responsibility for Emotions

You're responsible for what you do with your feelings, but you can't help having feelings. Feelings are.

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