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Sermon Illustrations about Faults

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Faults to help bring your sermon to life.

People Write Their Biggest Regrets

What's your biggest regret in life? If it's anything like these random New Yorkers, it has one very important word in it. Students from Strayer University ...

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CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings on the Need for Feedback

Sally Smith, the CEO of the wildly popular Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain, was asked, "What are some things you've learned about leading and managing ...

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Museum Houses Failed Products

The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is home to one of the most fascinating museums on the planet. The facility run by GfK Custom Research goes under the ...

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Nurse Records the Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Bonnie Ware, an Australian nurse, has spent several years working in palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. As Ware ...

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Father Teaches His Sons to Ski by Encouraging Falling

When I was growing up, my dad taught my brother and me to ski. I learned to love it. I remember the first time Alan and I skied for most of the day by ...

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God's Patience with Our Failures

R. O. Blechman is one of the most famous illustrators in the world. In his recent book, Dear James: Letters to a Young Illustrator, he shares a series ...

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Teenager Distances Himself from Family at Embarrassing Moment

When I was 13, my dad had the brilliant idea to take sailing lessons. I'm not sure where this idea came from. Our only previous sailing experience had ...

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Patient Yearns to Be Found Faultless by Doctor

After several months of pain in one joint of my right thumb, I went to a hand specialist. I did not remember injuring the thumb, and I didn't want it ...

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Man Tries to Sue Himself

In Lodi, California, in March of 2006, a city dump truck backed into Curtis Gokey's car. The car was damaged badly, so Gokey sued the city of Lodi for ...

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Billy Graham's Defective Diamond

To explain how God sees human sinfulness, Billy Graham writes:

Cliff Barrows and I were in Atlantic City many years ago with our wives. We had had a ...

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