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Sermon Illustrations about Fatherhood

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Fatherhood to help bring your sermon to life.

Working for the Good

I was 35 and Will was 38 when we married, both for the first time. We decided to try for a baby our first year, but I had a tendency to miscarry and we ...

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Wrong Role Model

A minister friend of mine was concerned when two of his three sons began to stutter. He made an appointment for them to see a speech therapist (who was ...

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Taking the Plunge

I had just gone through a series of medical tests. Fearful of the results, I went swimming at the local YMCA to pass the time. There I noticed a father ...

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God the Father

A child is not likely to find a father in God unless he finds something of God in his father.

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Paying the Ultimate Price

Paul Harvey tells a story about Lieutenant Commander Edward Henry "Butch" O'Hare, the Navy's number-one ace in the Second World War ...

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Gentle Discipline

Out of parental concern and a desire to teach our young son responsibility, we require him to phone home when he arrives at his friend's house a few ...

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Where's Mommy?

My six-year-old son seems to demand my attention just when I am most busy around the house. My standard reply has been, "I'm busy right now. ...

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He Walked Away Crushed

Several years ago, my second son, Steve, tried out for the high school football team. One day he walked into my office and proclaimed with great excitement, ...

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Riptide in Alaska

In Man in the Mirror, Patrick Morley tells of a group of fishermen who landed in a secluded bay in Alaska and had a great day fishing for salmon. But ...

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Worried about the Kids

I'm not sure there is any way I could document this, but I suspect that the greatest fear that haunts evangelical parents is that their children will ...

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