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Sermon Illustrations about Father

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Father to help bring your sermon to life.

A True Man Fights the Good Fight

During the War of 1812, General Andrew Jackson marched more than two thousand Tennessee volunteers from Nashville to New Orleans. With bravado they fought ...

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Anton Chekhov's Story about a Man Looking for Comfort

Someone told me the other night about an Anton Chekhov story called "The Lament." It is a simple story about an old man who drives a horse and ...

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Is this Man the 'Father of the Year'?

You wouldn't think an ad in Craigslist would make headline news or even News That Illustrates. But this ad comes from a father who is being dubbed ...

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Father's Quick Reflexes Save Son from Flying Baseball Bat

It was just another ordinary spring training game between the Atlanta Braves and the Pittsburgh Pirates—until a rogue bat flew into the stands, ...

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Messing with the Wrong Daddy

Hyundai had four commercials during the 2016 Super Bowl, but their best one was titled "First Date" and starred comedian Kevin Hart. A young ...

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan on Fatherhood

When asked "Why so many children?" comedian Jim Gaffigan, who has five children, replied, "Well, why not?" Then he explained:

I guess the reasons against ...

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'Esquire' on Skills Men Need

Esquire magazine ran an article titled "25 Skills Every Man Should Know." It focuses on what Esquire calls the 25 skills that will set you apart as a ...

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Bruce Springsteen Talks About His Father

In a recent (2012) interview with The New Yorker, rock legend Bruce Springsteen said that his broken relationship with his father lives on in his songs. ...

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Research Shows that Teens Need Their Dad's Time

A study from Penn State researchers published in the journal Child Development tracked nearly 200 families over a seven year period. Not surprisingly, ...

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Denzel Washington's Disconnection from His Father

In a 2012 interview, Denzel Washington described his father, who was a Christian minister, as "a decent man … a spiritual man and a gentleman." ...

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