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Sermon Illustrations about Family

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Family to help bring your sermon to life.

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For weeks, my son, Bill, and his wife, Kathy, were gathering and pricing things for a yard sale. Their youngest daughter, Meadow Dawn, was fascinated ...

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The Most Radical Faith

Marriage and parenthood call for faith of the most radical sort.

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Burying Loved Ones

It's getting harder and harder to bury people now--they're my brothers, my sisters.

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The Gift God Wants

When I was in seminary, a pastor from a Christian Reformed church in Chicago came to the campus. One evening he told us the story of a couple in his church, ...

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Parenting the Parents

We spend a lot of time on the subject of sex education in the schools. Maybe it's time to introduce mandatory courses in parenting -- for boys as ...

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Where Home Is

Home is the place where,

When you have to go there,

They have to take you in.

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Overlooking Faults in Marriage

It is impossible to keep peace between man and woman in family life if they do not condone and overlook each other's faults but watch everything to ...

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Criterion for Family Health

One criterion of family health: Are you saying, "I'm sorry," "I forgive you," and "I love you" often?

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Battered Wives in the Church

While Christian marriages have been shown to have a lower incidence of abuse, the tragic truth is that wife battering occurs in Christian homes as well. ...

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A Nation Built on Hope

This nation was built by the power of hope. No painter ever set brush to canvas, no writer ever set pen to paper, no builder ever set brick on brick, ...

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