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Sermon Illustrations about False doctrine

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on False doctrine to help bring your sermon to life.

Snake-handling Evangelist Dies During Sermon

On the night of October 3, 1998, a snake-handling evangelist named John Wayne Brown, Jr. was bitten by one of his own timber rattlesnakes in the middle ...

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Religion Doesn't Equal Faith

"One can love religion like anything else in life: sports, science, stamp collecting. One can love it for its own sake without relation to God or the ...

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Man Told to Place Feelings Above Revelation

The 1996 bestseller Conversations with God has sold over 2.5 million copies.

The author, Neale Donald Walsch, says that one day he simply started writing ...

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Pelicans Hit Pavement Hard

In July of 2004, the Arizona Game and Fish Department began nursing more than 30 emaciated, dehydrated, banged-up pelicans. During the previous two weeks, ...

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Directions Take Climbers over Cliff

Trail magazine, with 37,000 readers, is one of the most widely distributed climbing magazines.

The February 2004 issue provided directions for climbers ...

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Cuddly Bear Conceals Dangerous Weapon

After a relaxing, week-long summer vacation in Florida with their 10-year-old son, Robert and Angela Barry of Grove City, Ohio, left for the airport to ...

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"Alice in Wonderland": Choose Your Destination

In the Disney animated classic Alice in Wonderland, Alice, wanders through a frustrating world of tardy rabbits, singing flowers, and one curious-talking ...

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Book Reviewer Learns to Beware Spiritual Influences

While studying my way through a Ph.D program, I worked part time as the book review editor for a large website devoted to religion, spirituality, and ...

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Pop Star Prays to Elvis for Help

Robbie Williams, a British pop singer, spoke on BBC Radio in July 2001 about his previous addictions:

I haven't had a drink or done drugs for seven months, ...

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Sarah Michelle Gellar on Customized Spirituality

Like her television show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," actress Sarah Michelle Gellar's personal spirituality borrows from a hodgepodge of religions. "I ...

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