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Sermon Illustrations about Faith, loss of

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Faith, loss of to help bring your sermon to life.

Actor's Distorted View of Christianity

Oscar Isaac, the dashing X-Fighter pilot Poe Dameron of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was raised in an evangelical household. "My dad was a man of extremes," ...

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Millennials Losing Trust in Institutional Church

A report from Pew Research concluded that younger generations tend to have more positive views than their elders of a number of institutions that play ...

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Film About Stephen Hawking Is 'God-Haunted'

The great British physicist Stephen Hawking has emerged in recent years as a poster boy for atheism, especially in light of his heroic struggles against ...

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Comedian Louis C.K. Says Atheism Is Illogical

On an episode of Saturday Night Live, the comedian Louis C.K. shared his beliefs about the impossibility of atheism:

I'm not religious. I don't know if ...

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Beyond Rationalistic Truths

In our time we cannot over-emphasize that theology can never be the object of faith. Anyone who fails to acknowledge this exposes himself to the severe ...

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A Problem with Simple Faith

Several years ago, my father passed away at 88 years of age. During his last adult years, my father lived with us in Texas. Before that he lived in New ...

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Prayer and the Dipsy-Dumpster

Half the time the difficulty with daily prayer is not a lack of time, but assumptions about prayer that belong in the dipsy-dumpster. The other half of ...

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