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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Evil, explanations for to help bring your sermon to life.

Man Finally Finds Meaning in his Father's Murder

In 1986, a Christian worker named Steve Saint was traveling through the country of Mali when his car broke down. Stranded and alone, Steve tried to rent ...

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Problem of Evil Is Main Reason for not Trusting God

More people point to the problem of evil and suffering as their reason for not believing in God than any other—it is not merely a problem, it is ...

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Jewish Woman Hears of the Suffering Yeshua

John Lennox (an author and professor of mathematics at Oxford University) tells a story about touring Eastern Europe and meeting a Jewish woman from South ...

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MLK Jr. and Nietzsche Respond to Injustice

Some people try to deal with the problem of senseless suffering by abandoning belief in God. But that leaves some big questions: If there is no God, why ...

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Actor Tim Allen Struggles to Trust God

The actor Tim Allen's father died when Allen was 11 years old. A drunk driver crashed into their car as his dad was driving home from a college football ...

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Stats about How Disasters Affect Faith

On the heels of the devastating tornadoes that struck Oklahoma in May 2013, LifeWay Research completed a survey about suffering and faith in God. Here's ...

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The Parable of the Resistance Leader

Is it rational to trust God even when we do not fully understand what he is doing? One of the most illuminating answers was put forward by the Oxford ...

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Asking 'Why' in the Wake of Parents' Divorce

Tullian Tchividjian tells the following story about trying to deal with the pain of his parent's unexpected divorce:

I remember going to see [the Christian ...

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What if God Controlled Humans with Taser Guns?

What if God took the radical step of setting a deadline for ridding the world of evil? Suppose God announces that next Monday at midnight he will step ...

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Father Explains Death to His Son

In the fall of 1991, a car driven by a drunk driver jumped its lane and smashed headfirst into a minivan driven by Jerry Sittser. Sittser and three of ...

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