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Sermon Illustrations about Enthusiasm

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Enthusiasm to help bring your sermon to life.

Doing More Than the Minimum

I will do more than belong, —I will participate.

I will do more than care, —I will help.

I will do more than believe—, I will practice.

I will do more than ...

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Ministers Are a Flame of Fire

God makes his ministers a flame of fire.

Am I ignitable?

God, deliver me from the dread asbestos of "other things."

Saturate me with the oil of ...

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Adrenalin-Fed Spirituality

A constant state of adrenalin arousel, although physically damaging, is often experienced as pleasant excitement and stimulation. And it is this that ...

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God's Presence--In Us

The emotional ecstasy of Black Protestant worship symbolizes a profound religious truth: the preeminent place of God's presence in this world is the ...

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The God of Enthusiasm

God dwells in a state of perpetual enthusiasm. He is delighted with all that is good and lovingly concerned about all that is wrong. He pursues His labors ...

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Dry Rot and Worms in the Church

An English vicar with his mind on decaying buildings announced one day that the offertory about to be taken would be devoted in its entirety to the extermination ...

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"Except Ye Become ..."

Calls to Christian development must be held in tension with a Lord who called the little children to Him, and told us that we don't have a thing on ...

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Orthodoxy Can Be Boring

Too much of our orthodoxy is correct and sound, but like words without a tune, it does not glow and burn; it does not stir the heart; it has lost its ...

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In Search of the Thinking Christian

The church can't be blamed for all the ailments of the world. On the other hand, I'm quite willing to concede and insist that the church has unnecessarily ...

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Beyond "Experience"

The current phrase "worship experience" merely serves to confuse us. Those who worship with the expectation that the act ought to generate certain ...

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