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Sermon Illustrations about Economics

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Economics to help bring your sermon to life.

Inflated Giving

Charitable giving went up nearly five percent during the economic trouble caused by record inflation in 2022, according to a Fundraising Effectiveness ...

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Americans Worry About Money Far Too Much

Writing in the Atlantic, author and researcher Arthur C. Brooks says, “Money is one of the things Americans worry about most in the world.” ...

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Desperate Home Buyer Offers to Name Child After the Seller

The pandemic has done a lot of strange things to the global economy over the last 14 months, from creating a massive shortage of semiconductor chips to ...

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Bull Markets Don’t Go to Church

A thriving stock market (measured by the S&P 500 index) doesn’t translate to more charitable giving. According to a decade of data collected ...

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Americans Plan to Scale Back on Holiday Spending This Year

A Gallup poll taken back in October asked Americans to predict how much they’ll spend on Christmas gifts this year. The average came out to $805. ...

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Food Takes Smaller Portion of Budget

The percentage of disposable personal income Americans spent on food in 1935: 24.2 percent

The percentage of disposable personal income Americans spent ...

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Economists: Priests of Materialism

Economists have long argued about whether theirs is a value-free science. Robert Nelson, an economist at the University of Maryland, emphatically says ...

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More Than an Economic High

Our whole society ... is focused on the celebration of Christmas. With the excessive commercialism which begins in our country immediately after Halloween ...

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The Christian's Bottom Line

For the Christian, the bottom line can never be the bottom line.

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Puritan Economics

American Puritans were hardworking but not capitalists in the modern sense. They placed common welfare ahead of self-interest and set modest caps on profit-making. ...

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