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Sermon Illustrations about Drinking

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Drinking to help bring your sermon to life.

Former NFL Running Back Helps Others After Alcoholism Cost Him His Career

Montee Ball remembers the day he could have changed the course of his career. The Denver Broncos' running backs coach, Eric Studesville, smelled the ...

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'Spider-Man' Actor Reveals ‘The Man I Wasn't Becoming’

In 2002, Joe Manganiello was a brand-new face in Hollywood, His first screen test landed him the role of Flash Thompson in Spider-Man 3 (the biggest film ...

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Alcohol Use on The Rise

The stats from the most recent available data, showed a marked increase in the percentage of Americans who drink-and how much they consume-over time. ...

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Man Blames Drunken Accident on Losing Football Team

Officers filed charges of driving while intoxicated against Christopher Greyshock, a resident of West Milford, after his rear-end collision into another ...

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Wine That Used To Bring Freedom Became Bondage

In her blog post titled "So I Quit Drinking," Christian writer Sarah Bessey gives a powerful example of habits that, perhaps not sinful in themselves, ...

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Researchers Identify America's 'Alarming' Binge Drinking Problem

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a 2012 report that outlined what it called an "alarming" amount of binge drinking in America. ...

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Study: Alcohol the 'Most Harmful' Drug

A recent study ranked alcohol as the "most harmful" drug among a list of 20 other drugs. The study, released in a British medical journal, claimed that ...

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Age Breakdown in Addiction Programs

In 2008, 5 million people participated in addiction programs because of alcohol or drug abuse. Participants by age:

  • 12–17 years old: 5 percent

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Investing in "Sin Stocks"

With many discussing the possibility of a recession in 2008 and beyond, where are the people likely to turn for help? "When storm clouds gather over the ...

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The High Cost of Hard Living

Researcher Mark Bellis of Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, England, collected statistics concerning 1,064 rock stars from the United States ...

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