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Sermon Illustrations about Dreams

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Dreams to help bring your sermon to life.

Einstein's Dream Led to His Brilliance

In 1905 Albert Einstein stunned the world with his revolutionary equation, E = mc2. Einstein wrote hundreds of papers over the course of his career. But ...

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Story About a Man Whose Dreams Shattered

Tennessee Williams's short story "Something by Tolstoi," tells the story of Jacob Brodsky, a shy Russian Jew who runs his father's ...

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The Preemptive Autograph

J.J. Watt is a defensive end and tight end for the NFL's Houston Texans. He is one of the best players in the NFL, and of course, often asked for ...

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The 10 Greatest Movies Never Made

There is something sad and powerful in the possibilities of a story that is never told. A recent article on the BBC highlighted the "10 Greatest ...

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Man Rediscovers His Ability to Dream

For the past couple decades, I had a condition that kept me from sleeping well. The technical term was apnea …. So I went to see the doctor. "I'll ...

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Advice from Famous American Architect: Make Big Plans

David Burnham was an American architect who developed the master plans for a number of cities including Chicago and downtown Washington D.C. He also designed ...

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Why Actor Patrick Swayze's Marriage Succeeded

Actor Patrick Swayze, who died in September 2009 of pancreatic cancer, wrote a memoir with his wife Lisa Niemi, and said this:

The one thing I realized ...

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Converted Muslim's Testimony: "I Am Forgiven!"

A website called muslimjourneytohope.com has video testimonies of many who have converted from Islam to Christianity. One video clip is of an Iranian-born ...

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Why Muslims Convert to Christianity

From 1991 to 2007, Fuller Theological Seminary's School of Intercultural Studies conducted a survey among 750 Muslims who had converted to Christianity. ...

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Man Puts Hope in Counterfeit Money

Have you ever had high hopes for something and then seen those hopes crumble to pieces? It happened to one man in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His story ...

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