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Sermon Illustrations about Dishonor

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Dishonor to help bring your sermon to life.

Eight-Year-Old Banned from School Photos, Gets Custom Photo Shoot

When young Marian Scott got the news last October that she would be unable to participate in school pictures, she was devastated. Marian’s bright-red ...

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Montana Men Sentenced to Wear Signs Admitting Lies

Two defendants who appeared in Judge Greg Pinksi’s Montana Cascade County District court received unique punishments as part of the sentencing phase ...

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Man Spends Rare Coins at Face Value

In 2012, a 19-year-old man from Washington state named Dakoda Garren was charged with stealing a rare coin collection worth at least $100,000. After Garren ...

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Eddie Johnson's Bad Day

So you think you've had a bad day? It may take former NBA star and current Phoenix TV commentator Edward Arnett Johnson a long time to get over the worst ...

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Journalist's Motivation for Fabricating Articles

The New York Times printed an article (5-07-03) about Stephen Glass, who was fired by the New Republic five years ago for "fabricating details in ...

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"Rules of Engagement": Choosing Priorities

Rules of Engagement is a movie exploring the conflict surrounding a fictional military tragedy. Marine colonel Terry Childers, portrayed by actor Samuel ...

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