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Sermon Illustrations about Dishonesty

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Dishonesty to help bring your sermon to life.

Students Caught Plagiarizing Ethics Assignment

As many as 31 Students at Ottawa's Carleton University were caught submitting essays plagiarized from the Internet. Not unusual, perhaps, except that ...

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The Cheater Who Cheated Himself

There is an old story about two neighbors, a baker and a farmer. The baker began to be suspicious of the farmer, suspecting that he wasn't getting ...

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Faking Generosity

A. A. Milne (author of the Winnie the Pooh books) wrote a seasonal piece entitled, "A Hint for Next Christmas." He tells of a friend named William ...

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Facing Persecution for Righteousness

George Galatis was an engineer at Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Waterford, Connecticut, when he discovered something was wrong. Spent fuel-rod pools ...

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Dershowitz Points to Perjury

"On the basis of my academic and professional experience, I believe that no felony is committed more frequently in this country than [crimes within] ...

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Praying for Others

In one Leadership cartoon, a man at a church meeting says to himself, Oh great! Here comes Bob. I told him I'd pray for him! "Dear God, help ...

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Michael Jordan Keeps His Word

In his book Lessons from a Father to His Sons, Senator John Ashcroft writes:

Until 1997 Michael Jordan, indisputably the leading player in the NBA for ...

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Lies Grow

A lie is like a snowball. The longer it is rolled on the ground the larger it becomes.

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Speaking with a Forked Tongue

We as a nation too often lack integrity, which might be described, in a loose and colloquial way, as the courage of one's convictions.

We, the people ...

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Making a Basket from Out of Bounds

At a girls' basketball game recently, in the last seconds of the game, a girl threw a basketball the entire length of a basketball court and she made ...

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