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Sermon Illustrations about Disciple

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Disciple to help bring your sermon to life.

Unorthodox Evangelism with Business Executives

A man named Hubert Mitchell memorized the entire New Testament. As a former missionary in his sixties, he spent his days in downtown Chicago, going from ...

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St. Thomas Aquinas's Devotion

In St. Thomas Aquinas, G. K. Chesterton describes the early life of the brilliant medieval theologian. Thomas was born into a wealthy, aristocratic family, ...

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Confronting the Issues

I met with a young business-lady last week. I pointed out these Scriptures to her, and she said, "You mean to say that Jesus Christ wants me to confront ...

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The Real Alternative to Pharisaism

The Christian alternative to Pharisaism is not Publicanism but costly discipleship. The laxity of the Publican is just as repugnant to God as the self-righteousness ...

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Misfortune Isn't Always Unfortunate

Misfortune does not always come to injure.

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Keep Your Balance

I spent much of my ninth summer on a bicycle. About a mile from our house the road went down a steep hill and turned sharply at the bottom. Coasting down ...

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Training Routines

The best training is to learn to accept everything as it comes, as from Him whom our soul loves. The tests are always unexpected things, not great thing ...

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