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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Determination to help bring your sermon to life.

Wesley's Diligence

During his ministry John Wesley rode over 250,000 miles on horseback, a distance equal to ten circuits of the globe along the equator. He preached over ...

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You Need to Have a Kick

Have you ever noticed that world-class runners have a "kick?" A kick is a technical runner's term that means when they get to that last ...

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Resolutions of Jonathon Edwards

Typical of many other serious young men of his day, the young Jonathan Edwards drew up a list of resolutions, committing himself to a God-centered life ...

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God Sent You to Finish the Race

By 7 p.m. on October 20, 1968, at the Mexico City Olympics Stadium, it was beginning to darken. It had cooled down as well.

The last of the Olympic marathon ...

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Falling Down and Getting Up Again

I heard once of an Italian peasant woman who happened to bump into a monk who lived in a monastery high on a hill above her village. Since she bumped ...

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Win or Lose, He Didn't Stay Down

The movie Chariots of Fire was the true story of Eric Liddell, a man who ran for Scotland, then went on to become a missionary. You may recall that he ...

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Practice Makes Perfect

Effectiveness, in other words, is a habit; that is, a complex of practices. And practices can always be learned. Practices are simple, deceptively so; ...

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"The Straight Story": Yearning for Reconciliation

The movie The Straight Story is based on a true story and chronicles the pilgrimage of a 73 year-old man to mend a broken relationship with his brother, ...

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"Remember the Titans": Willingness to Endure Hardship

Remember the Titans, a movie based on the true story of a 1971 Alexandria, Virginia, football team, offers a message of racial reconciliation. Early in ...

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Building the Perfect Christmas Tree

Every December, Slats Grobnik sells Christmas trees in Chicago. He tells the story of one year when he met a couple that was out on the hunt for just ...

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