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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Desperation to help bring your sermon to life.

First, Call Dad

While kayaking in southern England off the Isle of Wight, Mark Ashton-Smith, a 33-year-old lecturer at Cambridge University, capsized in treacherous waters. ...

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Surviving World Trade Tower Two

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, began like any other day for Bethel Assembly of God (South Ozone Park, New York) deacon and Sunday school superintendent ...

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God Answers Desperate Plea

Phil Callaway didn't know what to say when his young children asked if Mommy was going to die. His wife, Ramona, suffered horrible seizures.

Hundreds of ...

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Stranded Mountaineer Saved by Telemarketer

In May 2002, Leonardo Diaz, a Colombian hiker, decided to do some serious mountain climbing with friends. Their goal was to reach the summit of the Nevado ...

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At World Trade Center, Father Seeks Lost Son

In "American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center," William Langewiesche writes about the cleanup of the World Trade Center disaster. In this excerpt ...

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Brad Pitt on the American Dream

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, celebrity Brad Pitt reflected on his lead role in the movie Fight Club, which is about a man who has the ...

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Britain's Ragtag Armada Accomplishes Remarkable Rescue

In The Word and Power Church, Doug Banister writes:

The spring of 1940 found Hitler's panzer divisions mopping up French troops and preparing for a siege ...

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"Bruce Almighty": Ignoring the Signs

The film Bruce Almighty raises sobering questions about how God works in the world.

Bruce (Jim Carey) is a reporter who made a fool of himself on national ...

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"Snow Dogs": A String of Trials

The film Snow Dogs tells the story of a dentist named Ted Brooks who discovers he has inherited a rustic cabin and a dogsled team in Alaska.

His efforts ...

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A Fawn Finds Refuge

A friend of mine who was quite a lover of the hunt told me the following story.

Rising early one morning, he said, "I heard the barking of a number of ...

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