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Sermon Illustrations about Desire

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Desire to help bring your sermon to life.

You Can't Always Get What You Want ...

In his book Maverick, Ricardo Semler tells of a lesson he learned working at Semco: "We were in yet another meeting ... when we came to the purchase ...

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Worship Doesn't Satisfy

Worship does not satisfy our hunger for God; it whets our appetite.

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Too Much Passion or Too Little?

The core problem is not that we are too passionate about bad things, but that we are not passionate enough about good things.

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Making Truth Desirable

The Gospel cannot be preached ... tangibly enough. A truly evangelical sermon must be like offering a child a fine red apple or offering a thirsty man ...

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Wanting What's Right

When we have the feeling that on some occasion we have disobeyed God, it simply means that for a time we have ceased to desire obedience.

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Only God Satisfies

The man or woman who does not know God demands an infinite satisfaction from other human beings which they cannot give, and in the case of the man, he ...

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Dead Giveaway

You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.

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A Definition of Lust

Lust, I read somewhere, is the craving for salt by a man who is dying of thirst.

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Wishes and Purposes

Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.

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Junk Food Isn't Enough

The biggest enemy of the Church is the development and proliferation of programs to meet people's needs. Everyone has a hunger for God, but our tastes ...

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