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Sermon Illustrations about Desire, spiritual

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Discipline Is the Price of Freedom
We have not advanced very far in our spiritual lives if we have not encountered the basic paradox of freedom, to the effect that we are most free when ...

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Gospel Singer Sees Material Poverty but Spiritual Wealth

In 1988, in a small, struggling church in Argentina, gospel singer Damaris Carbaugh saw something she wanted. She was accompanying Brooklyn Tabernacle ...

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Tozer Thirsts for God

Pastor and writer A. W. Tozer lacked even a high-school education, but he read the great Christian mystics and theologians until he could read and write ...

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William Carey's Dream

Some people thought he was a nut. He was just a shoemaker, after all, and an average one at that. But in the evenings, after work, he studied Greek, Hebrew, ...

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Fuel of Happiness

British theologian C.S. Lewis described happiness 50 years ago in terms that make even more sense today in our commuter-driven society:

A car is made to ...

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Hungry for God?

Speaker Mike Benson tells how one night, as his family was finishing dinner, his eight-year-old daughter left six green beans on her plate. She normally ...

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Hunger for God

The cost of food in the kingdom is hunger for the bread of heaven, instead of the white bread of the world. Do you want it? Are you hungry? Or are you ...

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Heaven Is for Those Who Want It

We are afraid that Heaven is a bribe, and that if we make it our goal we shall no longer be disinterested. It is not so. Heaven offers nothing that a ...

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The Real Spiritual Life

True spirituality manifests itself in certain dominant desires.

1. First is the desire to be holy rather than happy.

2. A man may be considered spiritual ...

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The Point of Asking

Think of the last thing you prayed about--were you devoted to your desire or to God? Determined to get some gift of the Spirit or to get at God? "Your ...

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