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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Dedication to help bring your sermon to life.

A Genuine Love

A young woman in England many years ago always wore a golden locket that she would not allow anyone to open or look into, and everyone thought there must ...

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The Gift of Me

When He comes
At midnight,
He does not
Ask a tree;
A creche,
A star
A candle—
Only me.

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Putting Christ First in Ministry

In order to effectively minister, church leaders must establish priorities for their work. We must first be committed to Christ, then to one another in ...

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Life Resolutions

Resolved: that all men should live for the glory of God. Resolved second: That whether others do or not, I will.

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Our Only Business in Life

Let us thus think often that our only business in this life is to please God.

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Doing My Master's Will

A charge to keep I have,A God to glorify.A never dying soul to save,And fit it for the sky.To serve the present age,My calling to fulfill;O may it all ...

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Tiny Sacrifices

Fred Craddock, in an address to ministers, caught the practical implications of consecration. "To give my life for Christ appears glorious," ...

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Moody's Nearly Fatal Voyage

D.L. Moody and his son Will boarded the ocean liner Spree at Southampton, England, on November 23, 1892. Moody had just finished revival meetings in London, ...

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Model Citizen of the Kingdom

By blood and origin, I am all Albanian. My citizenship is Indian. I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the whole world. As to my heart, ...

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Committed to the Faith?

We can prove our faith by our commitment to it and in no other way. Any belief that does not command the one who holds it is not a real belief--it is ...

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