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Not Dead Yet

"Well, I haven't actually DIED to sin, but I did feel kind of faint once."

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Sort of Dead to Sin

In a classic Leadership cartoon by Mary Chambers, two couples are seated in a living room engaged in Bible study. One of the women is speaking. "Well," ...

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Enron Employee Loses Big but Feels Set Free

The May 2002 issue of Fast Company tells the stories of five people who worked for Enron, the company that in 2001 filed for the largest bankruptcy in ...

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Augustine Refuses Mistress After Conversion

William M. Greathouse writes:

The new man in Christ is therefore actually living a holy life in Christ and in the power of the Spirit. The old man he once ...

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"The Piano": Dying to the Past Brings Freedom

The Piano chronicles the journey toward emotional freedom of a 19th-century single mother named Ada. Motivated by the promise of an arranged marriage, ...

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"Beyond the Gates of Splendor": Baptism

Beyond the Gates of Splendor is a documentary film that tells the true story of five American missionaries: Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate ...

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Why We Question The Resurrection

The evidence for Jesus' resurrection is so strong that nobody would question it except for two things: First, it is a very unusual event. And second, ...

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Man Forced to Clean Backyard

Refusing to clean up his own backyard has landed George Hartsuff in jail for 60 days. He can't say he wasn't warned. City officials have been asking him ...

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Lying Takes More Brain Energy

A 2004 study at Temple University School of Medicine found that lying takes more brain energy than telling the truth. Participants were divided into two ...

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The Challenge of Repentance

In Jesus Mean and Wild, author Mark Galli discusses the challenge of repentance in American culture:

I look at myself some days and it's hard to imagine ...

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