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Sermon Illustrations about Death Penalty

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Death Penalty to help bring your sermon to life.

Death Row Inmate's Last Words of Love

Imagine you've been convicted of a terrible crime, and are given the chance to speak for a few minutes before your execution. Would you express anger? ...

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12,200 Living Americans Declared Dead Every Year

Imagine the inconvenience and even the awfulness of being declared dead by the United States Government. Consider this true story. In August of 2010, ...

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Waiting on Death Row

One time a warden asked a man on death row what he would like to eat for his last meal.

The inmate said, "I would like to have a huge piece of watermelon." ...

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Famous Last Words

An attorney tells the story of a man who died, and the attorney said to his wife, "He did not leave a will. So we need to know the last words he ever ...

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