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Sermon Illustrations about Conformity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Conformity to help bring your sermon to life.

Man Burns His Possessions to Find Happiness

British style writer Neil Boorman has decided to burn every branded thing in his possession. "I am addicted to brands," he confessed in a magazine ...

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Size of Rocket Boosters Determined by Ancient Roman Chariots

Although some historians question the veracity of all the facts in the following story, it is accurate enough to make an interesting point.

The U.S. standard ...

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Memories of Chains Keep Elephants in Place

In his book Teaching the Elephant to Dance, James Belasco describes how trainers shackle young elephants with heavy chains to deeply embedded stakes. ...

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When Tolerance Is a Vice

Tolerance is one of today's most coveted virtues. But there are at least three different kinds of tolerance.

First, there is legal tolerance: fighting ...

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Patricia Heaton on Walking Out

"What was passing for humor basically ranged from stupid to vulgar—and I just thought, 'I'm not going to be a part of this.'" ...

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"The Fellowship of the Ring": The Seductive Power of Sin

In J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo Baggins passes on to Frodo a coveted ring.

Gollum, one of the original ...

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Crossing the Generation Gap

Bill is wild haired; his wardrobe for college is jeans and a T-shirt with holes in it. He recently became a believer while attending a campus Bible study. ...

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The Prevalence of Peer Pressure

More than a hundred years ago, Soren Kierkegaard warned that the age of the crowd was upon us. In such an age, said Kierkegaard, people would not think ...

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Crossing Over Without the Cross

We are ... talking about crossing over. ... The term serves perfectly to describe a fact that hit me some seasons ago with the force of revelation. For ...

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Launching Pads for Firecrackers

The church knows it must not violate this world's comfort standards and expect to have attendees. See our fabrics, settle into our cushions, and feel ...

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