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Sermon Illustrations about Confessing Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Confessing Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

Jim Carey can't Stop Thinking About Jesus

In a recent interview, actor Jim Carey was asked about his views of Jesus. Carey struggles with believing in the deity of Jesus but he still can't ...

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Banjo-buyer Benefited from a Demonstration

I decided to buy a banjo while I was in Brazil, even though my limited knowledge of Portuguese makes shopping a challenge. I also have a limited knowledge ...

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Lee Iacocca Illustrates the Bottom Line for Ministry

Finding himself in an elevator with Lee Iacocca, an enthusiastic fan paid a compliment to the Chairman of Chrysler Corporation. See image.

"Mr. Iacocca," ...

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"Super Size Me": Recognizing Jesus

In the documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock ate exclusively at McDonald's restaurants, for three meals a day. At the conclusion of his 30-day experiment, ...

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Charles Schultz Insisted on Reading the Christmas Story

The animated story A Charlie Brown Christmas airs on one of the major television networks seasonally. The two producers who worked closely with Charlie ...

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Baseball Pitcher Schilling Sustained by God

In the first game of the best-of-seven, 2004 American League Championship Series between baseball's New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, Boston's ace ...

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Young Man's Death Brings Others to Christ

What good can possibly come from a tragic death?

April, a young adult who attended our church, was excited. She had invited a friend, Josh Collins, to ...

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Man Saved After Years of Prayer

Recently, my former church in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, had a big baptismal service out at the lake—35 people baptized. The last one was Harold Gallagher. ...

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Abandoned Children Returned Home

In the summer of 2004, Warren Beamer, a missionary from San Antonio, Texas, visited an orphanage in Nigeria. Beamer was startled when one of the children ...

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Imprisoned Chinese Christian Experiences God's Power

Chinese Christian leader Brother Zhong tells this story:

I was attending a training course for my house church network's council members and youth ...

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