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Sermon Illustrations about Commandments

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Commandments to help bring your sermon to life.

Healing from Sin

Last summer I had an encounter with masked men bearing scalpels. A surgeon operated on my foot, and my life was never in danger. Yet the horizontal recovery ...

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Obeying Our Commanding Officer

My friend's father, an Army sergeant, tried for 25 years to quit smoking. After multiple failed attempts, he went in for his yearly medical exam with ...

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Commands Help Us Love

At one time, there were no laws about child safety seats and automobile restraint systems. Tragically, many young children were not safely belted in their ...

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Commandments for Today

Douglas Taylor-Weiss, rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Dayton, Ohio, has proposed a new set of Ten Commandments based on his observations ...

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Praying the Ten Commandments

In "A Simple Way to Pray" (1535), Martin Luther writes:

If I have had time and opportunity to go through the Lord's Prayer, I do the same ...

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Legalistic Strait Jacket

Nothing can choke the heart and soul out of walking with God like legalism. Rigidity is the most certain sign that the Disciplines have spoiled. The disciplined ...

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