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Sermon Illustrations about Comfort

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Comfort to help bring your sermon to life.

Elephants Are Good at Comforting Others. Are We?

A story in the New York Times highlights a recent study, showing that elephants are adept at recognizing when another elephant is in emotional distress. ...

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Pro Baseball Player Encounters the Spirit's Comfort

Pro baseball player R.A. Dickey was the 2012 National League Cy Young Award winner, the highest honor for a pitcher. But Dickey's career almost ended ...

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National "Get Over It" Day

Letting go and moving on is a difficult, painful process. Bad relationships, bad decisions—we tend to revisit the moments when we were not-so-smart ...

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Wounded Man Is Helped by Off-duty Nurses

On a cold January night in downtown Minneapolis, a 22-year-old man stumbled into Maxwell's American Pub on Washington Street. At first the bartender thought ...

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Novelist Describes the Pain of Miscarriage

In Elizabeth Strout's novel The Burgess Boys, a young woman named Susan has a miscarriage. After learning that the baby was a girl, her husband tries ...

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Gandalf Sends Bilbo on an Unwanted Adventure

At the beginning of The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins enjoys a comfortable and predictable life in his home in the Shire. But when the mysterious Gandalf drops ...

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The Real Story Behind the Remote Control

Eugene J. Polley lived his entire life in the Chicago area, where he worked for Zenith Electronics for 47 years. Hired as a stock boy during the Depression, ...

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TV Show Parenthood: How not to Deal with Suffering

A 2012 episode of the TV show Parenthood titled "Everything Is Not OK" focused on a character named Kristina Braverman who has been diagnosed with breast ...

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Assessment Helps Reveal the Four Most Common Idols

What is your greatest fear, and what does that say about what you really worship? Pastor Justin Buzzard uses the following assessment tool to determine ...

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The American Church Looks Too Much Like Disneyland

The predicament of the American church is that we live in a kind of Magic Kingdom. Like going to Disneyland, you buy your ticket, and once you are inside ...

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