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Sermon Illustrations about Comfort

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Comfort to help bring your sermon to life.

Christ's Love Is for Keeps

Norman Vincent Peale tells a story of the early days of his ministry. He was in Brooklyn, New York. One Christmas Eve he was out visiting some families, ...

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Grace Makes the Trials Light

The trials of Christian life you shall find heavy, but you will find grace will make them light.

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A Friend to Hold On To

Shortly after my miscarriage, I met up with a friend I hadn't seen for several weeks. She pulled me into her arms and whispered, "I'm so ...

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Why Me

Not too long ago I was babysitting one of our three, 3-year-old grandchildren. As I waved good bye to his parents, he looked perfectly all right. We had ...

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Comfort in Small Doses

Those who make comfort the great subject of their preaching seem to mistake the end of their ministry. Holiness is the great end. There must be a struggle ...

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Preach to the Suffering

Preach to the suffering, and you will never lack a congregation. There is a broken heart in every pew.

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First Flight

Our daughter was terribly anxious the first time she flew in a plane. "What if the plane falls down?" she asked as we boarded. "What's ...

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Leaving the Comfort Zone

If we would be enlarged, we must accept all that God sends us to develop and expand our spiritual life. We are so content to abide at the old level that ...

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He's My Shepherd

For more than fifty years, my father was a pastor and conducted numerous funerals. I particularly remember the tragic death and funeral of my best friend's ...

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Life's Tough without Jesus

Jesus holds the answers to all of the everyday problems that you face. I am talking about an acceptance and belief in Jesus, heaven, and God. I guess ...

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