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Sermon Illustrations about Cleanliness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Cleanliness to help bring your sermon to life.

COVID-19 and the Virus of Sin

Beginning in 2019, the entire globe became immersed in the COVID-19 pandemic that has so massively disrupted our daily routines. And there is an understandable ...

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Nothing Wrong, Lame, or Corny About Being Wholesome

There seems to be a pervasive idea today that if you have a moral center you are somehow robbing yourself of experiencing life. Fortunately, there are ...

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Feeling Clean or Being Clean

In his bookStart with Why, Simon Sinek discusses the importance of motivation in a very interesting section titled “It’s What You Can’t ...

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Don't Clutter

Don't own so much clutter

That you will be relieved

To see your house catch fire.

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