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Sermon Illustrations about Civil Liberty

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Civil Liberty to help bring your sermon to life.

Why Your Bible Was Made in China

Should consumers who worry about the origins of their clothing, coffee, and chocolate focus on a more spiritual item: the Bible? Chances are good that ...

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COVID-19 Held A Mirror to Christian Churches

The December 20, 2020 issue of The New Yorker harshly criticized the numerous Christian churches that don’t take the pandemic seriously and refuse ...

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What Fame Cannot Do

Paul Louis Metzger writes:

My greatest living hero is Dr. John M. Perkins, an African American evangelical Christian and civil rights leader nearly beaten ...

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Thousands of Black Gospel Records Saved from Obscurity

For the last dozen years, in the basement of a university library in Waco, Texas, a small team of audio engineers has been busy trying to save black gospel ...

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Chinese Christian won't Make Jesus Bow Down to the State

Derek Lam is a courageous young Christian leader living in Hong Kong. Recently (August 2017) he wrote for The New York Times about the suppression of ...

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Iraqi Freedom Breeds Immorality

Ali is a young man with little money and no wife. This is all the incentive he needs to take the ninety-minute bus ride from his village to Baghdad. As ...

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Religious Faith Is No Secret Vice

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said:

Church and state would not be such a difficult subject if religion were, as the Court apparently thinks it to ...

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Dilemma of Society

The dilemma for society is how to preserve personal and family values in a nation of diverse tastes. Tensions exist in any free society. But the freedom ...

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