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Sermon Illustrations about Circumstances

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Circumstances to help bring your sermon to life.

Success after Discouragement

"My heart is sunkĀ…. It seemed to me I should never have any success among the Indians. My soul was weary of my life; I longed for death, beyond measure." ...

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Don Moen Faces Tragedy

Thousands of Christians in North America sing Don Moen's praise song, God Will Make a Way, which affirms God's sovereign involvement in our lives. ...

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Disguised Opportunity

We are all faced with innumerable opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

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Facing Persecution for Righteousness

George Galatis was an engineer at Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Waterford, Connecticut, when he discovered something was wrong. Spent fuel-rod pools ...

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God and Truth Relieve Agony

Lloyd John Ogilvie, chaplain of the United States Senate, recalls:

Senator Max Cleland, who lost both of his legs and his right hand in Vietnam, came to ...

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A Plan for Everyone

Simon Birch (a movie based on the novel A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving) is the story of a 12-year-old boy named Simon Birch who, despite his physical ...

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Our Comforting Shepherd

During the recent uprisings in the Middle East, Ron and Joke Jones, who serve with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Israel, communicated the following ...

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Sparky Anderson Learns from Failure

Hall of Fame baseball coach Sparky Anderson is the only manager in history to win World Series titles in both the National and American Leagues. He led ...

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Purpose of Pain

In The Case For Faith, Lee Strobel records a dialogue between himself and author/philosopher Peter Kreeft:

"How can a mere finite human be sure that ...

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Keeping Discouragement at Bay

A man stopped to watch a Little League baseball game. He asked one of the youngsters what the score was. "We're losing 18-0," was the answer. ...

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